Thank you for visiting ClearstoryHomes.com. I am proud to say that our unique home designs set us apart from what other homebuilders in San Antonio are building. In a Clearstory Home, you'll find distinctive architecture with modern finishes at affordable prices. Our contemporary floor plans feature high vaulted ceilings, clerestory windows, sleek lines and a clean look with bright, open spaces.

The concept for Clearstory Homes came about as I was building new homes in San Antonio… I was thinking about all of the interesting houses from my youth, the angles, the brightness, that feeling of spaciousness from open floor plans… I combined all of those ideas with visions of clerestory windows to create new homes unlike any new homes being built today, because when buying a new home, people want something different, cool, unique… I know I did! That's why I built a Clearstory house for myself, and I love it.

Please browse the website - the pictures of our modern homes will speak for themselves - and call me when you realize you can't live without one!

Adam Smith, Owner 210-496-7555